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Last Entry - 9/11/2008

Total Component Time: 195.0 hrs.

Started working on the wing!Wing Tip Lamination.
Built a cap strip bending jig.Wing spars and Rib #5R.
Loaded the cap strip bending jig.Wing spars and Ribs #6R - #10R.
Made some nose ribs.Wing spars and Rib #11L.
Cut out some trailing edge blocks.Wing spars and Rib #11R.
More trailing edge blocks.Prepared more wing rib gussets.
More wing rib blocks.Wing rib gussets.
Started assembling wing ribs!Wing rib gussets.
Pre-glued bottom cap strips.Wing rib gussets.
My first wing rib!Wing rib gussets and sanding.
Second wing rib.Gang-sanded wing ribs.
Ribs #3L and #4L.Tip ribs.
Wing tip bow.False ribs.
Ribs #5L - #10L.False ribs #2 - #13.
Wing rib gussets.False ribs #14 - #15 and Wing Spar.
Wing rib gussets.False ribs #16 - #18.
Wing rib gussets.Gang-sanded ribs, started scarfing spars.
Wing rib gussets and panels.Continued scarfing wing spars.
Wing ribs and mock spars.Planed scarfed spar sticks.
Wing Tip Lamination and Ribs #1R - #3R.Wing tip planning.
Wing Tip Lamination and Rib #4R.Laminated spar sticks.
Wing Tip Lamination.Cut notch for stringers.
Wing Tip Lamination.DISASTER!!!
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