My Wooden Airplane
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Covering & Paint

Images/DCP_2951 (Custom).JPG
Last Entry - 4/29/2016 - Paint Inspection Panels

Total Component Time: 1199.5 hrs.

Disassemble AirplaneFix Vertical Fin
VarnishSeal and Prime Vertical Fin
Cover RudderSeal, Prime, and Paint Fuselage
Cover FinPaint Fin and Rudder
Cover ElevatorFill, Prime, and Paint Doors and Windows
Cover StabilizerPaint Elevator and Horizontal Stabilizer
Cover AileronsSeal, Prime, and Paint Ailerons
Cover DoorsPaint Right Wing
Cover WindowsPaint Left Wing
Cover Right WingBuild Wing Stand & Fix Right Wing
Cover Left WingPowder Coat
Cover FuselageFix Left Wing (Again)
Seal and Prime Horizontal StabilizerPaint Inspection Panels
Seal and Prime Elevator