My Wooden Airplane
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10/18/2008 - 10/19/2008

Purchased and Disassembled Engine.

This engine will be based on William Wynne's Corvair Conversion manual. I first followed his suggestion of contacting my local CORSA chapter. After sending an email to the chapter webmaster, within a week I had 3 calls from members who all had various cores for sale. I wish I had received them in reverse order though, since the last one turned out to be the best one.

William Wynne says $100-$150 is a good price for a rebuildable core, but the going rate in Southern Nevada appears to be closer to $300 for a complete engine. Between all 3 CORSA members, I ended up with enough parts and pieces for about 3 engines, plus some extra parts left over, for a total of $800. Not all of the parts will be usable, of course. My goal will be to clean them all up and select the best pieces for building a single motor.

Here is the latest one, before disassembly.

And here it is again, this time completely disassembled.

What a mess! I sure hope I haven't gotten myself in over my head!

Total Time: 7.0 hrs.