My Wooden Airplane
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11/15/2008 - 11/23/2008

Second Round of Cleaning Engine Parts.

Here are the pieces that I've selected for the build. There are some parts that I will
probably need to send out to get sand-blasted or bead-blasted. Also, I will be taking the cylinder heads to an engine shop here in town to get the valves done.

One of the crankshafts is from a 140 HP automatic, so it's factory nitrided. If it's still within spec, I will probably just have it polished and use it as is. If it's out of spec, then having it reground will remove the nitriding, so it won't have any advantage over any of the others.
(In fact, it will still have the disadvantage of having a retarded cam gear,
so if it needs to be reground, I will probably just use one of the other cranks.)

Also, the cylinders will need to be bored out, so I'm actually going to order a
matched set of pistons, rods, and cylinders from Clark's, and send these in as cores.
I'll do the same thing with the camshaft and harmonic balancer.

Total Time: 16.0 hrs.