My Wooden Airplane
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Engine & Prop

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Last Entry - 8/27/2016 - Cylinder Heads

Total Component Time: 920.3 hrs.

Purchased and Disassembled Engine.Intake Manifold
First Round of Cleaning Engine Parts.Carburetor
Second Round of Cleaning Engine Parts.Spark Plug Wires and Coils
Engine Prep5th Bearing Revisited
Distributor Modification, Part OneAir Box
Cylinder Head Cleaning, Part OneOil Pressure Manifold
Cylinder Head Cleaning, Part TwoFuel Test
Crankshaft Shipping BoxThrottle and Mixture, Part 2
Cleaned New CrankshaftTachometer
Motor Mount TrayEGT Sensors
Nose Gear Mount, Motor Mount JigPropeller, Part 7
Motor Mount DiagonalsEngine Shroud
Box Up CaseFirst Engine Start
Paint StudsOil Filter Disassembly
Install Crank, CamRemove Top Cover and Rod Caps
Paint CylindersDisassemble Engine
5th BearingPowder Coat Pushrod Tubes, Reassemble Engine
Install Pistons and CylindersModify Intake Manifold
Cylinder HeadsPrep and Start Engine
Rear Oil CoverCabin Heat Box
Install Engine, Finish 5th BearingResize Cowl Inlets
Alternator BracketFirewall Flange
Oil Pickup and Oil PanCowl Skirt
Top Cover, Oil Dipstick, and StarterLanding Light
Rocker Arms and Valve CoversAir Filter, Part 1
Spinner, Part 1Oil Cooler, Part 1
Motor Mount (Version 2)Heat Muffs
Cowling, Part 1Air Filter, Part 2
Cowling, Part 2Oil Inspection Doors
Cowling, Part 3Oil Cooler, Part 2
Propeller, Part 1Engine Baffles, Part 1
Cowling, Part 4Oil Cooler, Part 3
Propeller, Part 2Oil Cooler, Part 4
Propeller, Part 3Engine Baffles, Part 2
Propeller, Part 4Filler Plates
Propeller, Part 5Manifold Pressure
Propeller, Part 6New Oil Dipstick
Cowling, Part 5More Cowling Modifications
Spinner, Part 2Cylinder Heads