My Wooden Airplane
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9/3/2016 - 9/10/2016

Move Battery Back to Firewall

Well, it turns out that the plane might not be as nose-heavy as I first thought. I actually have a HUGE CG envelope to work with. From 9.5 inches aft of the leading edge to 20 inches aft of the leading edge, that's 10.5 inches. I've calculated out the loading of this plane, and from most-forward CG to most-aft CG, I'm only going to be using about 4 inches. So, that means I get to choose where within this 10.5-inch range I want my 4 inches to fall. Right now, those 4 inches are located towards the rear of the 10.5-inch limit. If I move the battery forward, up against the firewall where it was originally located, that will move my 4-inch range forward about 2 inches, which is closer to the middle of the 10.5-inch range. So, that's what I did. (It also means I probably could have installed the fuel tank where it was originally intended, between the firewall and the instrument panel, but I'm leaving it where it is for now.)

Total Time: 8.0 hrs.