My Wooden Airplane
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Since I have an all-electric panel, I decided I needed a backup compass in case the power goes out. I tried searching for an economical "aviation" compass, but used ones in good condition are over $100, and new ones are over $200! Since this is going to be used as a backup only, I decided to try the marine market. I found this compass for only around $30, and although it may look "cheap", it really isn't. It is liquid filled (mineral spirits), and has built-in adjustable compensators (just like an "aviation" compass). It's servicable (i.e. replaceable parts), so it is not intended to be thrown away when (or even if) it ever stops working. It even has a serial number. I guess boats don't need any less accuracy during navigation than airplanes do, right?

Total Time: 1.0 hrs.