My Wooden Airplane
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Fin & Rudder

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Last Entry - 7/4/2014 - Fin Fairing

Total Component Time: 176.0 hrs.

Fin and Rudder SparsAttached Rudder Horn
Fin and Rudder SparsSanded Rudder Leading Edge, Attached Hinges
Re-drawing of Fin and RudderFin and Rudder Top Fairings
Scarfed Plywood for Rib WebbingStabilizer Support Wire Bracket
Sanded Fin Webbing, Glued Cap StripsTail Position Light
Built Rudder RibsNew Fin Spar
Cut Leading and Trailing EdgesNew Fin Ribs, Leading Edge
Glued Rudder Ribs in placeBottom Rib, Stringers
Cut Slots for Fin StringersFin Attach Blocks, Forward Stab Bracket
Installed Fin StringersFin Skins, Top Fairing Block
Added Fin Hold-Down Block, Sanded Entire AssemblyExtend Fin and Rudder to Meet Fuselage
Made Gusset Strips"Rotating" Beacon
Glued Gusset Strips, Sanded RudderFiberglass Fin & Rudder
Lightening Holes, Rudder Control HornFin Fairing