My Wooden Airplane
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Last Entry - 11/11/2014 - Wing Anti-Chafe Measures

Total Component Time: 816.5 hrs.

Wing Rib DrawingMore Wing Hardware
Wing Rib PrepMarked and Drilled Spar Holes
Cap Strip Bending JigCut and Glued Spar Root Doublers
Wing Rib JigPrepared Trailing Edges
Wing Rib GussetsAileron Pocket Details
First Wing RibGlued Trailing Edges
More Wing Ribs, Second Rib JigMore Trailing Edge Pieces
Wing Rib Gusset ProblemsGlued Leading Edge
Wing Ribs 1-10 CompletedGlued Ribs to Spars
Wing Ribs 11-20 CompletedCompression Struts
Wing Ribs 21-30 CompletedDrag and Anti-Drag System
Wing Rib ReinforcementSpar Packing Strips
Scarfed Wing Spar Cap StripsRib "Cheek Blocks", New Jury Strut Brackets, Foam Wing Tips
Sanded Wing RibsBending Wing Skins
Front Wing Spar FramesGluing Wing Skins
Front Spar Root BlocksWing Tip (Part One)
Left Front Spar WebWing Tip (Part Two)
Right Front Spar WebAileron Spar
Finished Right Front Spar, Added Splice PlatesAileron Control Horn
Added Spar BlocksAileron Ribs
Finished Spar Blocks, Sanded Main SparsAssembled Aileron Ribs
Began Rear SparsFinished up the Aileron
More Rear Spar WorkNew Aileron Control Horn
Two Steps Forward, One Step BackHang Wing from Ceiling
Cut and Scarfed more Spar PiecesFit Ribs to Right Wing
Glued the Spar DoublersLeading and Trailing Edges
Spar Stiffeners, Root BlocksDrag/Anti-Drag, Packing Strips
Planing the Front Spar FramesWing Skins
Cut and Glue Spar WebbingWing Tip
Not so good this timeRight Aileron, Hang Wing from Ceiling
Much better!Remove Gussets from Left Aileron
Added Splice Plates, Cross Brace Attachment BlocksFiberglass Wing Leading Edges
Glued Plywood DoublersJig Right Wing to Fuselage
Sanded Front SparsAttach Rear Spar to Fuselage
Began Rear Spars (Again)Wing Struts
Glued and Planed Rear SparsWing Struts
Glued Plywood Webbing and Support BlocksJury Struts
Glued Plywood Rear Spar DoublerJury Struts
Filled Some Minor GapsRear Spar Attachment
Fit Ribs to SparsPitot/Static System
Wing Leading EdgesWing Root Fairings
Wing Trailing EdgesWing Anti-Chafe Measures
Wing Hardware